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  • Ronak Safazadeh Remains in Detention: Arrest Order Renewed

    (Ronak Safazadeh’s Arrest Order Renewed for One More Month
    Change for Equality: October 29, 2007: Eighteen days have passed since the arrest of Ronak Safarzadeh, an active member of the One Million Signatures Campaign in Sanandaj, Kurdistan. During this time no information or news about Ronak’s whereabouts and condition had been made available to her family members by judiciary and information ministry authorities. On October 27th, 2007, however, her family was informed that an arrest (...) )

    29 October 2007

    Thirteen Equal Rights Defenders Summoned to Court

    Change for Equality: Thirteen equal rights defenders have been summoned to court for trials which are scheduled to take place over the next two months. The trial of Zara Amjadian was held on Saturday October 27th, 2007. Besides Amjadian others summoned to court include: Noushin Ahmadi Khorasani, Elnaz Ansari, Shahla Entesari, Nahid Entesari, Niloofar Golkar, Sarah Imanian, Jelve Javaheri, Sarah Loghmanian, Maryam Mirza, Rezvan Moghadam, Ehteram Shadfar and Sussan Tahmasebi. While Sarah (...) read more

    8 October 2007

    Event on Campaign in Santa Monica

    vending machine for free The following is the announcement about an upcoming program on the One Million Signatures Campaign to be held in Santa Monica:
    The upcoming program of Kanoon Sokhan in Santa Monica will be on one of the most inspiring women’s movements in today’s world. The movement of Iranian women for equality and human rights. Please mark your calendar and pass the attached flyer to your network. Check the site of the campaign for the most updated news and articles (...) read more

    9 September 2007

    Over 2000 Equal Rights Defenders Object to Proposed "Family Support" Legislation

    Change for Equality: In a statement issued today, 2000 equal rights defenders have objected to the Family Support Legislation submitted to parliament by the executive branch, earlier this month. The statement asserts that while lawmakers have claimed that the Family Support Legislation intends to address shortcomings in the law and bring it up to date in accordance with the needs and realities of today’s family, it has in fact pushed back family legislation and the status of women by 42 (...) read more

  • 3 September 2007 – Anniversary of One Million Signatures Campaign

    By: Mehrangiz Kar
    Roozonline: A year has passed since the launch of the One Million Signatures Campaign to Change Discriminatory Laws. When we look at the developments during the year, we find it hard to believe that the campaign is only a year old; it has matured and experienced a lot in just a single year. It is noteworthy that throughout this time, even some conservatives and opponents of the campaign have jumped on the bandwagon and now advance the goals of the campaign to gain (...)   –Read more

  • 3 September 2007 – Iran: Campaign Against Discriminatory Laws Marks First Year

    By Golnaz Esfandiari August 29, 2007 (RFE/RL) — A campaign by Iranian women’s rights advocates to gather 1 million signatures to protest discriminatory laws marked its first anniversary this week.
    Organizers of the "One Million Signatures" campaign hope to pressure lawmakers and demonstrate that many Iranians are unhappy with gender discrimination in Islamic law as it is applied in Iran.
    They hope to change mindsets and achieve equality before the law despite government pressure. (...)   –Read more

  • 29 August 2007 – AI: Iranian Authorities Thwart Campaign for Gender Equality

    Amnesty International has included a story outlining pressures on Iranian women’s rights activists involved in the One Million Signatures Campaign, which seeks to reform laws that discriminate against women, on the Stop Violence Against Women section of its website.
    This story explains that: "activists campaigning for gender equality in Iran are unable to exercise their rights to freedom of expression and association, as shown by a number of recent arrests. Many of those arrested are (...)   –Read more

  • 14 October 2007

    A Day in the Life of a Campaigner

    By: Nahid Mir Haj
    Translated by: Taraneh Amin
    9:00 a.m. Park Street
    I am so late that I do not dare to look at my watch. I have to get moving. Why am I always late for my mammography appointments? I abhor mammography. Even so, I get ready. I have to walk most of the way. I finally get to the main street, sweaty and out of breath. I wait for a taxi. I holler: “south Felestin,” as each car passes by. Not one even slows down. I am forced to change course. This time I shout: “Straight, (...) read more

  • 8 October 2007

    Simin Behbahani: Your Efforts Will Never Stay Unnoticed

    Painting Exhibit Held in Honor of the Campaign’s Anniversary

    On Sunday September 9th, an exhibition of painting titled “All of My Mothers,” was displayed with the works of 33 artists at the Bahman Cultural Center, correlating with the one year anniversary of the One Million Signature Campaign. This exhibition was on display for ten days, the first three days entailed training sessions for painters attending the exhibit, for the painting sessions the following themes were been selected:
    1) Give children’s custody to mothers 2) I am equal to half (1+1=1) (...) read more

  • 5 October 2007

    A year with the Campaign: Acquired Lessons from a Shift to a Horizontal Power Structure

    By: Jelveh Javaheri
    Translated by: Sholeh Shahrokhi
    We are now at the brink of the first anniversary of the One Million Signature Campaign to Change the Discriminatory Legislature [in Iran]. In the past year, at the heart of many confrontations imposed upon the activists of the Campaign in the contemporary conditions of our society, is the notion of democracy.
    The One Million Signature Campaign aims to raise public awareness through direct interaction and dialogue with people. As such, (...) read more

  • 25 September 2007

    A year of Experience for the Drafters of the Family Support Legislation and Nothing Learned!

    By: Zohreh Arzani
    Translated by: Roja Fazaeli
    Approximately a year has passed since the start of the One Million Signatures Campaign to end gender discriminatory laws. In this past year thanks to the impressive effort of the campaign members and others who are concerned with women’s rights, the issue of gender equality has become a public concern. The campaign has been publicized all over Iran thanks to these tireless efforts and many have signed the campaign to demand changes to these (...) read more

  • 8 September 2007

    In Solidarity with my Sisters in Iran: A Letter From the West

    By: Shirin Saeidi
    Many find the One Million Signatures Campaign attractive due to the brave efforts of young women and men aiming to reconstruct the legal system into one which recognizes equality between the genders. However, it was the participatory realm of the movement which grasped my attention, for it engenders self-confidence and solidifies political will, two key components needed to buttress legal reform. As an Iranian woman raised in the Diaspora, I was legally equal to my male (...) read more

  • 1 September 2007

    Empowering Iranian Women through the One Million Signatures Campaign

    By: Sussan Tahmasebi
    The pursuit of equal rights by Iranian women, and the formation of the Iranian women’s movement, dates back a hundred years to the time of the Constitutional Revolution of Iran (1906). As such, it is appropriate to say that despite the fact that the political realities of each historical period certainly impacted and shaped women’s demands, these demands have been largely focused on the needs and the realities of women’s lives, rather than the quest for (...) read more

  • 1 September 2007

    Interview with Movie Director Jafar Panahi

    Paying a Price in a Social Movement is Inevitable

    Conducted by: Delaram Ali and Kave Mozafari
    Translated by: MA
    Born in 1960 in the city of Mianeh , Jafar Panahi is the best known Iranian Director in the world. His two films, Dayereh (Circle) and offside, which never received the required license to be shown [inside Iran], was able to bring to public attention, the suffering of the Iranian Women. He is among the supporters and a signatory of the One Million Signatures Campaign Demanding a Change to Discriminatory Laws in Iran. We sat (...) read more

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